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Commissions currently closed. All artwork posted here is copyrighted to Memai, please do not reupload or remove my watermarks/signature. Potentially nsfw.
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  • Emergency Commission pieces! Thank you so much to all the wonderful folks who commissioned me, donated, signal boosted, and sent me kind, encouraging messages. It’s so easy to forget that people can be generous and kind-hearted and I’m grateful to every single person who has helped me.

    The amount I had asked for certainly wasn’t a small one, but thanks to everyone, I’ve reached my goal and was able to pay off what I owe. Crisis averted. Thank you so so much. I don’t know how else to convey it, you’re all wonderful, fantastic people, I hope you know that.

    I'm very interested in getting a commission from you. Would you accept two at once from one person? Your stuff is so gorgeous, and I need visual muse for my new Skyrim fanfiction. 8)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hi there, I don’t mind taking multiple commissions from a single person, but that means reserving more slots and that means taking more time to work on your requests, as I like to give all the work at once :)

    However, you’re free to come off anon to talk to me, I won’t bite! I don’t divulge my personal email on a public forum (spam and whatnot; I also like to be able to keep track of who had contacted me through tumblr), so if you can come off anon we can discuss your request in more detail :)

    So I finally have a title for this ridiculous trainwreck of a comic idea ♥

    Meet Stevie and Chaplin, who embark on a whirlwind roadtrip across the United States in order to find the meaning of being ‘braddahs’, life and whether or not ‘rocket corndogs’ will be a thing.

    I’ll be working on this slowly, as I want it to be as ridiculous and wild as it is in my head. Inspired plenty by Wes Anderson and my friendship with my wildest braddah professorpineapple

    The characters are indeed PoC; Stevie is part Cuban and Chaplin is a native Hawaiian.

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