Commissions currently CLOSED. All artwork posted here is copyrighted to Memai, please do not reupload or remove my watermarks/signature. Potentially nsfw.

Bullet ✍ Art

Commission for makerhavemercy, of their Dovahkiin Indis and Serana <33 I’ve been doing a lot of snowy pictures lately ahahaha maybe because it’s just so hot here??

Commissions will reopen very soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Hey guys, so I’m back and open for commissions once more! There will be LIMITED SLOTS this time around, so if you’re interested, shoot me an ask and we can get right to business.

I’d like to be able to work for my personal spending while I’m here in Europe, as things are decidedly more expensive here, and there are more costs to being an international student. 

If you cannot afford a commission, or are simply not interested, but would still like to help out, I’d really appreciate a reblog, a signal boost, or something, to spread the word.

Thank you, everyone!