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What cultures influence the styles of Imperial clothing that you draw? They look beautiful.

Asked by Anonymous

A mix of  Ancient Roman, Ancient Middle Eastern and Byzantine dresses/fashions. I pop in a bit of Japanese and East Asian influences too, to strengthen the Akaviri the in-game Imperials are so fond of ;>

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"You never did give me that massage, Zevran," Mahariel said, looking over his lover with a playful smirk. He gave a big stretch, punctuated by a few cracks here and there.

"Mm, I see what you mean," Zevran rolled to his stomach, yawning, "Well, we have a long journey ahead of us, it would not do to leave my Grey Warden wanting."

Mahariel laughed, as he sat with his back towards the Antivan, “An assassin and a mind reader? You’re something else, lethallin.

[ pose was referenced from here! ]

Commission for makerhavemercy, of their Dovahkiin Indis and Serana <33 I’ve been doing a lot of snowy pictures lately ahahaha maybe because it’s just so hot here??

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